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4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

A garbage disposal that’s experiencing issues can be frustrating. It makes it difficult to dispose of food scraps, and your kitchen may not smell that fresh. How do you know when your garbage disposal needs a repair? Keep an eye out for the following warning signs.

1. Water Leaks

If you notice puddles under your sink, then this may be a sign that your garbage disposal needs repair. Sometimes, the garbage disposal itself may start to drip, indicating that it’s time to have it fixed. Since a sink or dishwasher leak is often mistaken for a garbage disposal leak, it’s advisable that you contact a local plumber if this is the case in your home. The plumber has the right equipment to determine what’s causing the leak and provide a comprehensive solution.

2. Persistent Odors

Garbage disposal odors come from the breakdown of wet food. For this reason, they’re always far from smelling pleasant. Gentle and thorough cleaning and rinsing should get rid of the smell. But if nothing seems to change, then this may be a sign your garbage disposal needs repair. You should contact an experienced plumber to help you take the garbage disposal apart and remove any trapped food particles that may be causing the odor. Ideally, avoid using chemical cleaners to get rid of the odor. Given how harsh they are, these drain cleaners can damage the components and blades of your garbage disposal.

3. Weird or Excessive Noises

When your disposal starts to make abnormal noises, the first thing to do is check whether a piece of silverware accidentally slipped into it. To do this, make sure the garbage disposal is turned off and disconnected from the power supply. Grab a flashlight, and then very carefully use your hand to check for signs of a lost utensil. If nothing has slipped into the disposal, then the weird noises may be due to misaligned components that grind together when your disposal is running. Fortunately, this issue usually isn’t as massive as it sounds. Plumbers can normally fix it by making quick adjustments.

4. Not Turning On or Keeps Shutting Off

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on or turns on just fine but then tends to shut off while running, it may be a sign that it needs to be fixed. Sometimes, this issue may be a result of a connected circuit that has blown out. However, if your electrical system is working without any issues, then you should contact a plumber to schedule a garbage disposal inspection as soon as possible. That’s because the issue may be due to a less efficient motor. The motor of your garbage disposal may fail because it’s old or has blown out completely.

A garbage disposal is a handy appliance that keeps pipes and your sink clean. That’s why you should check for any of the above signs to make sure your disposal is working properly. Contact Flatirons Plumbing today to schedule professional garbage disposal repair in Arvada, CO.