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Water Heater Repair in Arvada, CO

Does it take minutes for hot water to flow from your faucets after you turn on the water? Do you hear loud booming noises come from your Water Heater when the water is running? You may be in need of Water Heater Repair in Arvada, Co, as these are sure signs that you currently possess a faulty unit. Call the licensed professionals at Flatirons Plumbing (720) 650-2455. Our Plumbers are standing by to assess, quote, and honestly serve you and your home. We offer same day service on any and all plumbing services and assessments. Water Heaters that go without maintenance for some time have an increased chance of not only costing you money, but a potential safety hazard to you and your home. Don’t hesitate if you suspect a problem! Call Now! (720) 650-2455

Common Water Heater Issues

Having no hot water is why most homeowners contact Flatirons Plumbing regarding their water heater. But there are other problems that many homeowners are not even aware exist. If you notice that the hot water in your Arvada, Co home contains particulates, grit, tiny flecks that look like metal, or the water has a foul smell, then your hot water has become contaminated. And it is time to call (720) 650-2455 to schedule a service appointment.

When our licensed plumber arrives at your home to evaluate your water heater, you might be surprised to learn that most problems can be repaired. Our pros are all factory-trained to repair all makes and models of water heaters. Making repairs is a far more cost-effective option for our clients and a better choice for the environment. Repairing a water heater means a longer lifespan for all of the materials used to make it, and one less item headed to a landfill.

As soon as you discover a leaking valve on your water heater or find that the water is no longer as hot as it once was, call the pros at Flatirons Plumbing for an affordable Water Heater Repair in Arvada, Co.

Types Of Water Heater

When you find that your water heater is not functioning correctly, it can be helpful to gather a little more information. Knowing the type of water heater that you have can help to eliminate some potential issues. The two types of water heaters most common in Arvada, Co homes are the tankless water heater and the traditional ones.

Traditional water heaters are the units that most of us had in our homes growing up. These water heaters have a holding tank that maintains a specific amount of hot water for use in the house. And when that supply is used up, you must wait for a new tank to be heated. This is why the last person to shower in a large family often ends up with no hot water.

Traditional water heaters can use either natural gas or electricity to heat the water in the holding tank. Many times, when a water heater fails, our pros can replace a component in the heating system rather than selling you a replacement water heater. Most often, these large units are located in a utility area, garage, or basement of your home.

Tankless water heaters are much smaller than traditional units. In this case, water is heated as it flows through the pipes in your home, rather than in a large holding tank. Because tankless water heaters do not maintain a tank of hot water at all times, both the gas and electric versions are far more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters.

Homeowners like the ability to locate smaller tankless water heaters throughout their home for fast, hot water supply. But the most significant benefit of these tiny water heaters is that your hot water supply is unlimited. As long as you have a hot water faucet on, this unit will continue to provide you with hot water. That feature makes tankless water heaters an excellent option for large families.

The one common trait for both tankless and traditional water heaters is their complexity. It takes many parts and components to provide your home with hot water. And on occasion, one of those tiny, but essential parts fail. And that is when you need to call (720) 650-2455 to schedule a Water Heater Repair in Arvada, Co with a Flatirons Plumbing pro.

All homes run on a budget. And an unexpected expense like a new water heater can throw a wrench in that carefully balanced budget. But thanks to the extensive training and experience of the Flatirons Plumbing team, you have a more affordable solution. Our Water Heater Repairs carry a full warranty and our customer satisfaction guarantee. So you know that you will be happy with every aspect of our service.

For years, we have been providing affordable options and reliable, professional service to the Arvada, Co community. And all of those benefits are here for you in the event that you need emergency plumbing service. So when you have no hot water or any plumbing issue, call the plumbers you know you can trust at (720) 650-2455. Let us show you why we are the go to Plumbers for Water Heater Repair in Arvada, Co!