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The municipality of Broomfield was incorporated in 1961 in the southeastern corner of Boulder County. The city grew through annexations, many of which crossed the county line into three adjacent counties: Adams, Jefferson and Weld. Due to the complications of dealing with multiple municipalities, Broomfield created an amendment to become a county and on November 15th, 2001 became the 64th county of Colorado.

Broomfield received its name from the broomcorn grown in the area. It’s a tall plant that closely resembles sweet corn, especially when young. However, when it matures it sports big, seedy tassel heads instead of corn cobs. it is an excellent material for broom manufactures.

Flatirons Plumbing has many years of experience providing plumbing services to the city of Broomfield. We understand the four different counties that Broomfield was developed in, we have the knowledge and skill to understand the infrastructure of the city and how it relates to backed up sewer lines and properly operating sump systems. If you need a new garbage disposal or have a backed up drain in the kitchen that needs to be serviced, we will be there to keep the party going.

If you wake up in the morning and discover that you have no hot water for a shower, we will be your first response team to get your home properly working for you. We will arrive to your home and evaluate the situation, provide you with an upfront price, and in most cases complete the work on the same day.

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