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Water Treatment & Filtration
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Arvada Water Treatment & Filtration

While water quality on the Front Range is generally good, it still has varying quantities of a number of harmful substances – depending on where you live.

For the highest quality drinking water for you and your family, Flatirons Plumbing recommends a personalized water treatment filtration system designed for your home.

Whether you’re concerned about bad tasting water, hard water, odors in your water supply or even the removal of chemicals and other environmental toxins, we have the best-in-market options to ensure healthy water for your home.

Water Softeners

Our water treatment services include water softeners, which remove minerals such as magnesium and calcium from your water supply and replace them with potassium and sodium. A home water softener system eliminates scale buildup and improves water quality, including clarity and taste.

A quality regenerating water softener produces water that leaves skin softer, dishes cleaner (with less soap) and fewer water spots, all while protecting the health of your entire home plumbing system.

In addition to whole house water softener installation, we also offer a complete range of house-wide carbon filters, known as point-of-entry water filters, and single place filters, known as point-of-use filters.

Point-of-Entry (POE) Water Filtration

A point-of-entry (POE) water system is installed by our team of qualified plumbers directly at the main water line, where water first enters your home.

This type of whole house water filter treats every drop of water that enters your home, from sink water to shower water to water in the washing machine and dishwasher. POE systems are high-capacity filters that can treat thousands of gallons of water a day, removing nearly all types of water contamination.

Point-of-Use (POU) Water Filtration

However, for the purposes of the best-tasting drinking water, we recommend also adding a point-of-use filter. A point-of-use (POU) water system is installed at a single water connection in your home, generally bathroom and kitchen sinks.

While POU reverse osmosis treatment systems are lower capacity, they deliver very high-quality water, particularly for drinking and cooking. By using reverse osmosis, POU water systems use a very advanced filtration technology to remove up to 99% of water contamination.

Together, whole house water purification systems and under sink water purification systems deliver high-quality water throughout your home, with specialized filtration for drinking and cooking water.

Water Treatment Products / Services:

  • Water softeners
  • Whole-house carbon filters
  • Backwash softeners
  • Regenerating water softeners
  • Chlorine removal
  • Carbon water filters
  • Reverse osmosis water filters and
  • water systems
  • Point-of-entry (POE) water filters
  • Point-of-use (POU) water filters
  • Removing bad taste from your water
  • Removing smells from your water
  • Hard water treatment
  • Well iron removal
  • Water sterilization
  • Well water filters
  • UV water treatment and UV water sterilization