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Garbage Disposal Services in Arvada, Co

Most homeowners take for granted the tough job that a garbage disposal does, day in and day out. And while it is only designed to handle small bits of food washed off of dishes and cookware, most of us do not follow that rule very closely. Larger pieces of food get crammed down the drain, thinking that the disposal can handle much more than tiny scraps. And for a time, that thought process will work. But at some point, you will turn on the unit only to discover that it is not willing to handle the glob of food that has been washed down the drain. And now you are feeling a bit panicked about how to get this much-needed appliance back to tearing through its job.

For residents, a malfunctioning garbage disposal solution is as simple as a call to the plumbing professionals at Flatirons Plumbing. Our team is here to take your emergency calls to (720) 650-2455. We also offer same day service for less pressing issues such as a Garbage Disposal Services in Arvada, Co.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues And Their Causes

The job of a garbage disposal is never easy. The device is meant to grind tiny bits of food to a very fine size so that they can wash through your home’s drain lines and out to the city sewer system with no complications. But over the years, disposals have become so efficient and effective that many homeowners look at them as super machines.

We cram large pieces of food waste, vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, and many other undesirable types of debris down the drain. And we rely on our garbage disposal to do the rest. With just a flip of a switch, we want all of that waste to disappear. But sooner or later, your garbage disposal reaches its limit, and you are left with a mess and in need of Garbage Disposal Services in Arvada, Co. Some of the most common ailments of a garbage disposal include:

Jammed Grinder– Veggie peelings, fruit skin, bones, coffee grounds, and eggshells should never find their way down the sink drain and into a garbage disposal. These items are sure to cause a clog or jam inside the unit. Fibrous materials like peel from fruits and vegetables wrap around the grinder rather than diced into tiny bits. And bones shatter into many pieces that can become lodged under and around the blades. Then, fill in the gaps with expansive things like coffee grounds, and you have a paste or clay-like glob that will jam the blades inside the disposal.

To attempt to clear a blockage or jam, unplug the unit and locate the opening on the bottom of the housing that fits a socket. This connection allows you to manually turn the grinder to free it from the clump of sticky waste. If this does not clean the unit, it is time to call in a pro for Garbage Disposal Services in Arvada, Co. Never place your hands or any object inside the disposal to try to clear a clog or jam.

Excessive Noise- Most of the time, the noise is due to a foreign object in the disposal. But it can be due to damage such as a broken grinder blade. Never reach into the housing to retrieve debris unless the unit is unplugged. Use long-handled tongs for added safety.

Water Leak– In most cases, a water leak is caused by a loose flange or gasket. Check the connections to your sink drain. If that is not the culprit, you could find that the housing has cracked, and the unit needs to be replaced.


Common Garbage Disposal Issues And Their Causes

Unless you are comfortable taking your kitchen sink drain apart to repair or replace your garbage disposal, it is best to turn to the pros at Flatirons Plumbing. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to locate the issue quickly. We work on all makes and models of disposals and have access to a wide range of repair parts. And in most cases, a professional repair is far less costly than a replacement. So when you flip that switch and hear an awful sound of no sound at all, know that a call to (720) 650-2455 will provide you with a fast resolution. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Garbage Disposal Services in Arvada, Co.