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Gas leaking from a pressure gauge

4 Ways Routine Gas Line Inspections Provide Major Cost Savings

Gas lines are an integral part of many homes because they provide the energy needed for appliances and HVAC systems to run. While gas lines are dependable much of the time, issues may arise that can pose potential safety hazards and create serious financial hardship. Consider four ways a gas line inspection can help homeowners save significant money.

1. Staves Off Costly Emergencies

Even a minor gas line problem, such as a leak, can lead to a dire emergency. Scheduling a routine inspection can help to identify potential problems and get them rectified before they become catastrophic and cost thousands of dollars in property damage.

Gas line emergencies can be costly. Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $1,000; however, costs can be higher. Many factors determine the cost of emergencies involving gas lines, and these include the extent of the problem, where it is located, and the materials used for repairs.

2. Detects Corrosion

Even the most durable gas lines can corrode over time. This is especially true for gas lines that are in older homes, as these homes have outdated infrastructure. The problems posed by corroded gas lines can go unnoticed for an extensive period, hence the reason regular inspections are critical. For example, those who reside in older homes may contend with hidden gas leaks. These leaks can lead to higher utility bills because gas will be wasted. Not to mention, fires can result, which can destroy property. This can potentially cost thousands of dollars.

3. Saves on Utility Costs

Neglected gas lines can cause inefficient amounts of gas to be delivered to gas-powered appliances. When this occurs, appliances will consume higher amounts of gas to run, which will lead to higher utility bills. Routine maintenance ensures that gas lines work efficiently and deliver the proper amount of gas that appliances need to function. Energy-efficient appliances will help you avoid wasting resources and paying higher utility costs.

4. Helps Appliances Last Longer

Routine gas line inspections ensure the longevity of gas-powered appliances. Because poorly maintained gas lines can cause inefficient amounts of gas to be delivered, appliances can malfunction. This subjects appliances to wear and tear, which will cause them to fail prematurely. Keeping gas lines in optimal condition will help homeowners avoid the costs associated with premature appliance replacements.

Routine gas line inspections contribute to the financial well-being and the safety of a household. Because of this, experts recommend scheduling an inspection once each year. Rather than view a gas line inspection as an added expense, homeowners should view this as a necessary part of maintaining and safeguarding their homes. If appliances in your Arvada, CO home are connected to a natural gas source and it has been a while since you have had a routine gas line inspection, contact Flatirons Plumbing to schedule one to determine if repairs are needed.