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Tankless Water Heater Repair in Boulder, Co

While tankless water heater owners know that this technology is not all that new, many plumbers are still not very familiar with these units. So when you need tankless water heater repair in Boulder, Co, it pays to call the pros at Flatirons Plumbing. Our factory-trained, licensed plumbers all have years of experience working on all makes and models of tankless units. And we offer immediate emergency appointments, same day service, and regularly scheduled appointments for maintenance. Just call (720) 650-2455, and one of our team members will schedule your appointment and answer any questions that you might have.

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Boulder, Co should be Efficient and Professional. While plumbing expertise is essential when selecting a repair company, at Flatirons Plumbing, we believe that customer service is equally as crucial to our customer. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding that expectation in everything that we do. Flatirons Plumbing plumbers always arrive on time, are respectful of your home and belongings, and show you the respect and appreciation that you deserve. We are so sure that you will love working with us that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So any time you have an issue with your tankless water heater or a question about anything related to your plumbing, call (720) 650-2455 and speak to one of our pros.

Common Tankless Water Heater Issues

As with all of the equipment in your home, your tankless water heater does have components that can wear out. Things like the heating element, valves, ignitor, and electrical components could be the cause of no hot water in your home. But the good news is that all of the Flatirons Plumbing plumbers are highly skilled at evaluating tankless units and repairing or replacing any broken parts.

Mineral build-up is also a common occurrence with any water heater. As scale forms on the inside of your unit, it will not operate as efficiently as it had in the past. The fix for this issue is to clean the unit with a descaling solution. In most areas, this process is recommended once every six months. In areas with extremely hard water, descaling should occur more frequently for optimal performance.

If your system is shutting down and not producing hot water, there could be one of two issues at play. Combustion shut down will occur when the unit is not vented correctly during the installation process or if the venting becomes obstructed. A Flatirons Plumbing pro can evaluate your current venting, look for blockages, and determine if your tankless unit needs increased ventilation to eliminate future shutdowns.

The other common reason for a tankless water heater to shut down is excessive demand. This can occur when your hot water usage increases dramatically. Each tankless unit is designed to heat a specific amount of water. If your demand exceeds that limitation, the unit will shut down. A Flatirons Plumbing plumber can evaluate your water heater to be sure that it is functioning correctly and also your usage.

In some cases, your usage can be rescheduled to eliminate too great a demand. In other situations, you might want to consider increasing the size of your current unit or adding another tankless water heater to your home to handle the increased demand for hot water.

All of these issues might sound very complex and costly to repair. However, the pros at Flatirons Plumbing have found that more times than not, they can fix a tankless water heater rather than installing a new unit. This not only saves our customers money, but it is also a better option for the environment. When you are experiencing issues with your tankless water heater, call (720) 650-2455, and know that we will always provide you with accurate and helpful information and options.

Tankless water heaters provide many great benefits to consumers and the planet. Decreased energy consumption, increase longevity, and an endless supply of hot water are just a few reasons consumers love these units. But when it is time to find a trustworthy plumbing company to service this newer type of water heater, some consumers begin to worry. However, residents of Boulder, Co never need to be concerned about whom to trust for fair and honest tankless water heater repair in Boulder, Co. Flatirons Plumbing has been serving the community for 20 years and has built a stellar reputation.

Our commitment is to our customers and this community. Tankless Water Heater Repair in Boulder, Co is not uncommon. We believe in providing an honest day’s work for your hard-earned money. And we know that our integrity and dedication will always pay off for us. We have continued to grow our company and our success because of the loyalty of our customers. In return, we offer each one our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call (720) 650-2455 for help with your tankless water heater issues or any plumbing related concern.