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Important Signs That Its Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom Plumbing

If your home is getting older, it may be time to consider upgrading your bathroom plumbing. Here in Arvada, our winters can be rough on pipes. Here’s how to tell if you need to upgrade your bathroom plumbing.

1. Frequent Leaks

One problem you may run into with aging plumbing is regular leaks. This can be puddles near fixtures or damp spots on your drywall. You may have a cracked or burst pipe hidden in your walls. Leaks from a fixture, such as a faucet, are easy to spot. Always keep an eye out for leaking pipes in your walls, however. If this happens, you will probably need to replace your pipes to prevent future issues.

2. Damaged Fixtures

Most fixtures, such as faucets, can last for 20-100 years. They can still start to break down over time, though. If you notice rust or chips in the metal, it’s time to upgrade the fixture. Leaks or unusual staining may also indicate that you need to change out the fixture. You can upgrade other fixtures at the same time to give your bathroom a more cohesive look.

3. Older Pipes

Some of the homes here in Arvada are so old that their plumbing needs an upgrade. For instance, many older homes have lead piping. This may not have been replaced over the years. If your home was built before 1986, it may have either lead pipes or used solder with lead in it. This can leach lead into your drinking water over time. You should have any older pipes replaced to keep your family safe.

4. Lower Water Pressure

Over time, you may notice a decrease in water pressure. This can mean your bathtub or toilet fills slower than it used to. This can be caused by buildup in your pipes. Over time, dissolved minerals in the water supply can build up in your pipes. This causes your water pressure to drop. After a point, the pipes will need to be upgraded so that your water pressure can return to normal.

5. Mold Problems

We frequently don’t connect mold to plumbing problems. However, the source of many mold issues is ultimately hidden leaks and moisture. For instance, a slow leak or accumulated condensation can fuel mold issues. If you have regular mold problems, it’s worth upgrading your pipes and fixtures to make sure that you can deal with mold more effectively.

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When it’s time to upgrade your bathroom plumbing, trust our professional plumbers at Flatirons Plumber. We can upgrade any old pipes or fixtures and breathe new life into your bathrooms. Contact us today and enjoy all the benefits you’ll get when you upgrade your plumbing.