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Leak Detection Louisville, Co

Many issues can arise in your home that are cause for concern. But a potential water leak is one that needs your immediate attention. You might have noticed an unusual moist or damp area, a decrease in water pressure, or received an inexplicably large water bill that makes you begin to worry. All of these are signs that there is a water leak concealed somewhere in your home. And left unrepaired, you could be facing extensive water damage, substantial repair costs, and even health issues related to toxic black mold. When you notice any of these important signs of a leak, your first action should be a call to (720) 650-2455. The Louisville, Co leak detection specialists at Flatirons Plumbing will arrive promptly and locate any leaks quickly. We will then provide you with affordable solutions and peace of mind.

Types Of Plumbing Leaks

Leak Detection in Louisville, Co is not uncommon. While you might not realize it, there are two different types of plumbing leaks that could develop in your home. The first are the overt leaks that are easy to see, hear, or detect. Things like a dripping faucet, shower, or leak from a pipe under the sink are all easy to see and to repair. However, the more serious leaks are the ones that you don’t notice. These hidden leaks can occur inside your walls and floors or even under the slab foundation of your home. What makes these more serious is the damage that they can cause before you even know that they exist. But the good news for Louisville, Co residents is that the team of licensed plumbers at Flatirons Plumbing have years of experience locating these sneaky leaks using the latest in leak detection technology.

What Is A Slab Leak

A slab leak is any leak that is located under the foundation of your slab home. What makes these leaks very challenging is that in most cases, you cannot see the leak or even any sign that there is a leak. But even a small crack in a water line that is under your foundation is a grave issue. Over time, that water will erode the soil, undermine your foundation, and compromise the integrity of your foundation and your home.

Locating A Slab Leak

All Flatirons Plumbing leak detection specialists of Louisville, Co arrive with the latest tools used to find leaks that are concealed in walls and under concrete foundations. This means that we will not be knocking holes in your foundation to search for a slab leak. Instead, our non-invasive tools allow us to listen for leaks under your home without causing any damage to your foundation. Thanks to extensive training and skill, our licensed plumbers can locate even a tiny leak that is dripping under your concrete foundation.

Repairing Slab Leaks

The location of the leak has a great deal of impact on how we can complete the repair. Leaks near the edge of your home can often be exposed by carefully digging under the foundation. When that is not possible, our second option is to abandon the leaking pipe and reroute a new pipe inside the walls and floors of your home. This process can be done with minimal destruction, and it eliminates the possibility of another slab leak in the pipe that was abandoned. As a last resort, we also can remove a small section of your foundation to access the leaking pipe. Once we make the repair, we pressure test the pipe before we repair your foundation and floor.

Any time you think that you might have a water leak somewhere in your home, it is essential that you call (720) 650-2455 immediately. Flatirons Plumbing leak detection specialists of Louisville, Co will arrive quickly and determine precisely where the leak is located and how it can be repaired. We will also provide you with the cost of each potential repair so that you can make a well-informed decision about how to proceed.

Never trust the safety of your home and the wellbeing of your family to anyone but the pros at Flatirons Plumbing when you suspect any type of leak in your home. Our experience and expertise will provide you with peace of mind. And our no-obligation free estimates will avoid any unpleasant surprises. Let us Provide you with the best Leak Detection n Louisville, Co!