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Checking clogged toilet pipe with inspection camera.

The Benefits Of A Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Every home in and across the country that uses a city or municipal sewer system has a sewer line. It is the one pipe that collects all the dirty water and waste from your home and carries it to the sewer line under the street. And if you have ever experienced a sewer line issue at your home, you know that this is a severe problem. Without fast action, the result can easily be a flood of raw sewage in your home. But you are sure to be wondering how a camera inspection of your home’s sewer line will help avoid a flood and future issues.

How Sewer Line Cameras Work

The purpose of a sewer line camera inspection is to gather more information without digging up the entire pipe. You might think that this process is just putting off the inevitable. But in many cases, trenchless sewer line repair and replacement are very reliable solutions that will save you a substantial amount and eliminate your sewer line issues.

The tiny waterproof camera is attached to the end of a thick cable and acts much like a plumber’s snake. This cable allows our pros to move the camera through the sewer line to inspect the pipe’s wall and any blockage or clogs in the line. A radio transmitter on the camera rig records the pipe’s location so that our plumber can determine the exact location of any damage or blockages.

What These Cameras Can Reveal

Modern technology has made the process of sewer line inspections much more accurate than there were just a few years ago. The quality and clarity of the video images allow a trained professional to identify many issues, including:

  • Tree Root Invasions- These are most common in older pipes that have cracks. The tree roots grow into the cracks in search of water and soon have grown large enough to block or shatter the sewer piping.
  • Cracked, Broken, Or Crushed Pipe- The images are clear enough that our team can identify small cracks just beginning on the wall of a sewer line. They can also see more obvious damage like missing pieces of pipe or places where the pipe has been crushed or has collapsed.
  • Sagging Or Bellied Sewer Pipes- Sewer lines rely on gravity to move water and waste from your home to the city sewer main. However, when a section of pipe begins to sag, waste can get trapped in that section of the line. Over time, these sagging or bellied areas become the location for repetitive clogs.

What You Are Paying For

In the past, your only choice was to dig up a sewer line to discover any issues. But thanks to sewer line camera inspection processes, skilled plumbers can determine the problem without spending many hours digging. This saves you a significant amount of money and damage to your yard. And because the latest in sewer line repair and replacement involves trenchless solutions, you will never need to worry about a huge trench across your property as repairs or a replacement pipe is installed.

But the final piece to the puzzle is the licensed plumber who has the skill and expertise to operate this new technology. In the hands of an inexperienced person, these tools will not replace the hours of costly labor needed to dig up a sewer line issue. So when you are having a problem with your home’s sewer line, call (720) 650-2455. The Flatirons Plumbing team of experts is here to assist you 24/7 with your sewer line issues and emergencies.