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4 Common Reasons Your Home’s Plumbing Has Started Leaking

As homeowners, we often get very used to how the systems and features of our home operate. You know all the little secrets and idiosyncrasies that might appear odd to others. But it helps keep your sanity and the household functioning. But that same familiarity can lead to complacency when little oddities turn into signs of trouble brewing. It is essential to understand that ignoring the symptoms of a minor plumbing issue in your home is sure to lead to a more costly repair in the future and possibly even severe water damage. It is also critical that you understand some predictable reasons why these new leaks might have started appearing with more frequency.

Blocked Drains

If you see water under the sink, your first thought could be that the water supply line is leaking. However, that moisture or damage to the bottom of the cabinet could also be due to a drain line leak. When clogs occur, they increase the pressure in the drain lines and result in many small leaks along the pipe. At the first sign of any leak, it is best to call a licensed plumber to ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed and professionally repaired.

Leaks Outside Or Near The Edge Of The Foundation Of Your Home

It is not very common to have earthquakes in most of the country. But any region is susceptible to soil shifting. And when the soil on your property shifts, it can cause movement of the water lines and drains in and around your home. Mudslides, sinkholes, and shifting soil can be the cause of small leaks or even floods in your yard and home. If you notice any signs of moisture after a storm or shifting soil, it is best to call in a pro to check out your plumbing pipes to ensure no hidden leaks are damaging your home.

Moisture In Odd Places

When you see a puddle near the washing machine or dishwasher, never assume that it was a spill. Instead, check under the appliance to see if there is a small leak from a worn-out seal, leaking hose, or damaged fitting. These tiny annoyances that soak your socks are a warning sign that is best heeded. In many cases, you can make the repair or replacement yourself with a few very affordable parts from the hardware store. But if left unrepaired, the leak is sure to grow, as will the repair bill.

Worn Out Piping

Everything in your home will eventually wear out, including the pipes used for your water lines and drains. The water inside these pipes slowly erodes the inner surface until there are microscopic leaks. If these leaks are not repaired, they will continue to damage the line and result in a significant flood. A proactive plumbing inspection is the best way to avoid this costly water damage to your home and belongings. Having a licensed plumber inspect your home’s water and drain lines, fixtures, and appliances once each year is money well spent.

As your home’s plumbing components age, you should consider whole-house repiping to eliminate the potential for dozens of costly leaks throughout your home. Fortunately, with annual plumbing inspections, you will be able to plan for this more significant project rather than getting the surprise news that all your home’s water lines have deteriorated.

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