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How To Save Water And Money Around Your Home

Every  homeowner will quickly admit that they enjoy finding little ways to save money around the house. The savings might be used for a special treat, activity or go into the vacation fund. But whatever it gets used for, saved money always seems to bring a smile to a homeowner’s face. And if those same tips and tricks can save a precious natural resource, the smiles get even bigger. These reliable and straightforward tips will help you save some cash and water around your home this year.

Some Warm Weather Tips

Most households use a lot more water in the warmer months. So if you prefer to drive a clean car, consider taking it to a drive-through car wash rather than washing it at home. Sure it could be a fun way to cool off, but you are likely to use more than 100 gallons in just ten minutes. A typical car wash uses around 12 gallons per vehicle.

As you choose your landscaping, try to focus on low water plants to eliminate the amount of water needed to keep your outdoor living space looking great. Plants with smaller leaves and less foliage tend to need less water when the summer heat arrives. Check with your local extension agency to learn about Xeriscape options, low water plants for your community.

Nothing tastes as good as a glass of cold water on a hot day. But as the sun warms the ground, it also warms the water lines near the soils surface. You could waste several gallons of water waiting for the faucet water to get cold. Instead, place a pitcher of water in the fridge to eliminate the wasted water as you wait for a cool refreshing drink. Insulated water bottles are also a great way to keep cold water handy all day. You are eliminating wasted water and the temptation to stop and buy a costly bottle of water that will put more plastic in our landfills and contaminate the ocean.

Winter Water Saving Tips

After being out in the cold, nothing feels as inviting as a hot shower. But if you are tempted to stand and enjoy the warmth until the hot water is gone, you are wasting much water. The best alternative is a long soak in a hot tub.

 A hot meal is also a great way to warm up in the winter. But after boiling pasta or potatoes, don’t waste that water. Instead, after it cools, use that water for outdoor potted plants or trees that still appreciate a drink in the cool weather. Also, if you have more rain in the cooler months, consider installing a rain barrel to capture that water and reuse it to water your plants and lawn.

In the winter we all wear more clothing to keep warm. But be sure that you are only washing full loads of clothing. Washing only a few items will waste a significant amount of water and power.

Finally, no matter the time of year, be on the lookout for drips or water leaks in your home. A faucet or shower that is dripping just ten times per minute will waste almost 1.5 gallons of water a day or over 500 gallons a year. If you have multiple older fixtures in your home, they could be wasting thousands of gallons of water a year and your hard-earned money.

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