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Repiping a Houston Home

Understanding The Benefits Of Repiping Your Home

When you think about home updates and projects, there are very few that sound as boring yet destructive as repiping your entire home. And then there is the thought that a job this challenging is sure to be very costly. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to see all of the value in this important and valuable home project with these thoughts in mind. But it is a job that should be carefully considered if you are about to take on a significant renovation. Adding a whole-home repiping to another significant remodel or upgrade offers several benefits that you will be grateful to have in the coming years.

Added Value To Your Home

Just like every component in your home, from the kitchen sink to the furnace, your home’s water lines will eventually wear out. Of course, the type of pipe, the quality of your water, and several other factors will influence when the pipes are at the end of their life expectancy, but it will happen. Your plumber can give you a good idea of how much life is left in your water and drain lines.

If you are reaching the end of your water lines reliability, repiping is a wise investment. It will help prevent damage to other fixtures and appliances in your home due to the rust and corrosion build-up in the old pipes. And if you are thinking about selling your home in the next few years, buyers will love the fact that it already has new piping. Be sure to tell your realtor about the new pipes to justify an increase in the asking price for your home.

Eliminate Potentially Costly Leaks And Water Damage

Think of the money you are investing in new water lines as an insurance policy. These new pipes provide you years of leak-free service that you would not have gotten from old, worn water lines. And even worse than the potential for leaks is the thought of the costly water damage. A leak hidden in the walls or floors of your home can create thousands of dollars in water damage before you even know that the leak exists. A whole-home repiping is the only way to know that old pipes will not slowly begin to create water damage from various hidden leaks in your home.

Increased Water Quality

If you have noticed that your water quality seems to be decreasing, the issue could be your home’s old water lines. As the pipes age, they begin to break down. As a result, tiny flakes of metal, rust, and corrosion begin to contaminating your home’s water. You could notice particulates and flakes in the water, a strange color to the water, or even a bad taste during the process. Installing new water lines is the only way to eliminate the old pipes that are now detracting from the appeal and health benefits of the water in your home.

Low Water Pressure Issues

In addition to contaminating your water, the corrosion and rust inside the water lines could be responsible for your loss of water pressure. Your once pleasant shower now feels more like a trickle than a water massage. And your kitchen faucet could barely get the job of rinsing dishes done. These are signs that corrosion is restricting the flow of water through the pipes. The only solution is to remove the worn-out lines and replace them with all new piping.

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