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4 Tips for Dealing With Your Clogged Pipes

Few things are worse than finding a clog in one of your pipes. Most clogs happen because you flush debris down the toilet or pour grease down your kitchen sink. Though you might feel tempted to try some home remedies to fix the issue, plumbers are your best bet. They can remove the clog without damaging any part of your plumbing system. Before a plumber can reach your Arvada home, find out how to deal with the problem.

1. Avoid Cleaning Products

You can walk into any grocery store or hardware store and find dozens of products to clean your drains. All of those products can cause even more damage though. They use chemicals and ingredients that cause the pipes to break down. You may even see brown or red flakes of rust coming through your water. Though some people swear by chemical cleaners, others know about the dangers they pose.

2. Find the Clog

If you want to save time when the plumber arrives, try to find the location of the clog ahead of time. You can usually trace the clog back to the source from the area where you first noticed a problem. Did you see sewage and debris backing up into your shower? The chances are good that the clog is in the sewer line. On the other hand, you might have a toilet that overflows and splashes water all over your floor. This may indicate a clog in the line running from your toilet.

3. Turn Off the Water

A small clog often causes water to run slowly down your drains. When the clog worsens, the water may not move at all. Even if you see water going down the drain, it can back up into your sink and tub or shower. These clogs will usually bring some debris along with the water. Turning off your water can save you some hassles and keep your family safe. You can either shut off the water supply to just the area affected by the clog or your whole home.

4. Call for Help

With professional drain cleaning, you can take care of years of buildup as well as any bacteria or mold inside the pipes. Hydro jetting is one good solution because it sends a steady stream of water through the pipe that breaks all of the debris into smaller pieces that easily flow into the Arvada water system. You can also opt for a video inspection to find the source of the clog.

Working with Flatirons Plumbing helps you get professionals to your Arvada home who understand your concerns and how to help. They can locate the clog and find a way to remove it. Call Flatirons Plumbing today to schedule the drain cleaning that your clogged pipes need.