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Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Your Help

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen can make your life a little easier. You don’t need to carry as much trash out to the curb, and you can get rid of food that comes off your dishes while keeping your pipes clean. Business Insider listed Arvada, CO as the healthiest city in the U.S. in 2016. Eating healthier often means eating more veggies. But not all those veggie remains should go down your garbage disposal. If you’re putting too much down your garbage disposal, it may break down. Now is a great time to listen to all of the signs your disposal needs help and what those signs mean.

Bad Smells

Many people who never used a garbage disposal before think that odd smells are just part of using one. When you send food debris down the drain, you might expect to pick a few unusual odors. Bad smells are often a sign that some of those particles lodged in the pipe and clogged it. You may also pick up some foul odors when the garbage disposal can no longer process all of the particles.

Daily Resets

When your garbage disposal churns through a big load, you often need to hit the reset button. This shuts down the unit and turns it back on again. Using the reset button also comes in handy when you have a power failure and have some problems using the unit. You should not need to use that button daily or even weekly. If you find that you need to reset the disposal on a regular basis, it’s a sign you need a new one.


Flatirons Plumbing installs garbage disposals all across Arvada, CO. We connect the unit to your pipe, which allows any water that goes down the drain to move through your plumbing system. The problem with older disposals is that they occasionally leak. You might notice a small trickle of water that comes from the side of the pipe or a major leak that leaves puddles under your sink. A leaking garbage disposal will cost you more money than you would spend to replace it.

Loud Noises

No matter how long you have had your garbage disposal, you know that it makes some noise as it runs. You can hear the gears grinding down the food particles. You don’t want to hear the unit making noises that are so loud that you can hear them from outside of your kitchen. Most of the loud noises you hear are your garbage disposal screaming for help and letting you know that you need to repair it.

While having a garbage disposal in Arvada, CO is convenient, it can also cause many problems you never expected. From loud noises and strange smells to leaks and resets, these units present signs that they need help from their owners. Call Flatirons Plumbing if you need garbage disposal repairs to fix any of these signs.