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Four Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Plumbing Functioning Properly

Your home’s plumbing system is essential to your family’s health and comfort, and that is why you should be doing everything in your power to ensure that it remains efficient and damage-free. With a little bit of preventative maintenance, you can rest assured that you will continue to have fresh and clean water whenever you need it.

1. Service the Water Heater

Quite a bit of water must be warmed up every single week, and your water heater is going to require some vital maintenance if you want to keep it running smoothly. When you contact Flatirons Plumbing for a water heater service call, one of our licensed plumbers is going to visually inspect the tank for signs of damage, check all the connections, and drain the tank to remove sediment. In most cases, we suggest that these service calls are scheduled at least once a year.

2. Use Drain Guards

Even if you are careful about what goes down your drains, the occasional debris is sure to get in. Over time, that matter could begin to fill up your pipes and cause clogs, leaks, and unpleasant odors. A drain guard is an inexpensive device that fits directly over the drain to collect the matter. Whenever you notice any debris in the drain guard, you can easily pull it out and empty it into the trash.

3. Regularly Check for Slow Leaks

Over time, fittings and fixtures will expand and contract, and that can cause very slow leaks. Unfortunately, even a slow leak that only drips a few times a minute could end up wasting dozens of gallons of water every single year. Luckily, faucet and showerhead leaks can often be fixed by our plumbers in a matter of minutes with nothing more than a few basic parts.

4. Watch What Your Flush

Many people never even think about what they are flushing until they begin to notice clogs, slow drains, and other issues around their homes. As a general rule, the only thing that should go down your toilets is human waste and tissue paper that was specifically designed to be flushed. All other hygiene products should be properly disposed of in a trash can. You should also avoid putting any grease, oils, or food products in your toilets and sinks.

Call Today for Preventative Maintenance

If your plumbing system hasn’t been inspected in over a year or you have noticed any unusual problems with your plumbing, then we invite you to contact us at Flatirons Plumbing today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced plumbers. We are proud to offer residents of Arvada and the surrounding communities affordable plumbing maintenance, installations, and repairs.