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4 Ways to Keep Your Water Heater Running Efficiently in Summer

A water heater is one of the most important units in your home since it plays a crucial role in ensuring that you shower with hot water every morning. But with such a role comes a massive reliance on your water heater, which can leave it overworking and eventually having its efficiency reduced; that is why you should consider the tips below to keep your unit running efficiently in summer.

1. Keep the Temperature Down

In most cases, you will not need your water heater to keep your water extremely hot. It is, therefore, advisable that you consider turning down the temperature from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent your water heater from working too hard.

Furthermore, research shows that lowering your water heater’s temperature by 10 degrees can help you save between 3 and 5 cents, which is quite significant in the long run. If you do not know how to lower your water heater’s preset temperature, consider contacting a local technician for help.

2. Use Less Hot Water

The more people in your family, the more gallons of hot water you are likely to use every day. For example, a family of four is likely to use around 700 gallons of hot water on a weekly basis to shower, which can lead to your water heater working extremely hard.

Therefore, consider investing in water-saving bathroom and kitchen fixtures, such as low-flow showerheads, kitchen faucets, and faucet aerators. These fixtures often pay for themselves since they reduce the use of hot water by up to 60%.

3. Schedule a Water Heater Inspection in Summer

Every summer, you should contact a professional technician to inspect your water heater. Using specialized equipment, the technician will check out for any developing problems and address them before they can hinder the efficiency of your water heater.

Also, the technician may bump into minor issues your water heater may have and fix them, thereby maintaining its durability. Experts advise against inspecting a water heater on your own since this can lead to more problems than solutions. Moreover, you may not have the right tools to conduct a proper water heater inspection.

4. Insulate the Pipes

Hot water pipes should not just be insulated in the winter; you should have a professional insulate them in the summer as well. Insulating exposed hot water pipes prevents heat loss, thereby improving the efficiency of your water heater.

Additionally, having your hot water pipes insulated ensures that your water arrives at the faucet hotter, which helps save a significant amount of time by shortening the period needed to run the water. Another way to keep your water heater running efficiently in summer is to add an insulation blanket; this is particularly important if you have an older model.

Keeping your water heater running efficiently in summer comes with two benefits, which are reduced energy bills and an extended lifespan. If you are in Arvada, CO and looking for professional water heater repair services, call Flatirons Plumbing today.