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5 Signs It’s Time to Service Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is one of the most useful features in a kitchen. This device helps break down different types of waste. Although garbage disposals are built to be tough and durable, they can still encounter issues over time. Here are a few of the top signs it’s time to service your garbage disposal in your home in Boulder, Colorado.

1. Loud Rattling

Although the garbage disposal makes loud sounds when it’s in use, you shouldn’t hear rattling noises. This is common when the blades start to break and no longer have the ability to break up different types of foods. The blades may also be dull and require hiring a professional to professionally sharpen them.

2. Dirty Water

If you notice that the water in your sink starts to become dirty when you’re trying to rinse it down the sink, it indicates your garbage disposal is clogged and needs attention. Hire a professional from a company like Flatirons Plumbing to diagnose the issue to ensure the necessary repairs are performed. This often requires disassembling the entire garbage disposable and a high level of experience, making it necessary to avoid doing it on your own.

3. Strong Odors

You may start to notice strong odors coming from your garbage disposal, which tend to linger when you clean the sink or attempt to put baking soda and lemon down the drain. Strong odors often form when there are trapped food particles in the garbage disposal that aren’t breaking down properly. Avoid using drain cleaners to resolve the issue, which can cause damage to the internal components of the garbage disposal. A professional plumber can inspect the parts and determine the source of the problem.

4. Poor Performance

It’s important to have your garbage disposal serviced if you notice it’s not performing as well, whether food isn’t running through as quickly or it’s struggling to break down food. In some cases, the blades may have deteriorated, especially if you live in an older historic home that was built in the early 1900s, like those in Mapleton Hill.

5. Frequent Resets

If you find yourself frequently using the reset button on your garbage disposal to restore its operation, it’s a sign that it’s no longer in great shape. The reset button should only be used occasionally if severe clogs have developed, making it necessary to get the help of a plumber if you’re using it every week or month.

If you suspect your garbage disposal needs to be serviced, we recommend reaching out to our team at Flatirons Plumbing today. Our professional plumbers can answer your questions and help schedule an appointment to restore the operation of your garbage disposal.