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Easy Plumbing Checklist for Homebuyers

When the winter season hits, temperatures dip down below freezing in Arvada, CO. This can wreak havoc on your plumbing and cause frozen pipes that can be an unwelcoming repair expense. Fortunately, being mindful of a home’s plumbing before you buy it can save you a headache during the cold winter months.

What Type of Piping Is It?

The first aspect of a home’s plumbing system you’ll want to look at is the piping material. Houses that have lead piping, galvanized steel, or polybutylene will need to be repiped to ensure the safety of your family members and the longevity of your plumbing. This should be taken into account during the negotiations on the purchase price.

Examine Water Heater Leaks

When you’re walking through a potential home, take a moment to assess the water heater. You’ll want to look to see if there are any leaks underneath it or near the water inlet valves going into it. Leaks can indicate that there’s a bigger problem with the water heater that may need to be addressed. If you’re unsure of the state of a potential water heater, you can reach out to Flatirons Plumbing in Arvada, CO to get a professional assessment.

Test Bathroom Fixtures

Having issues with your bathroom plumbing can be extremely irritating for any homeowner. To help prevent foreseeable issues, it’s a good idea to test out all bathroom fixtures to make sure they work. Look for any leaks when the water is running. Additionally, check the shut-off valves to ensure they actually turn off the water. If there are any problems, you can request that they be addressed before you purchase the property.

Assess Piping for Leaks

Another necessary tick on your checklist should be to assess the exposed plumbing in the basement or crawlspace. Take your time and run your eyes down every pipe. See if there are any leaks that you can notice. In most cases, you’ll discover corrosion near the leaks.

Check Pressure Flow to All Water Fixtures

As you’re walking through all the rooms in a potential home, turn on different fixtures. You’ll want to see if every fixture has adequate flow. When some DIY plumbing is done, there may be mistakes where flow pressure isn’t adequate. It’s best to learn about these issues before you invest your money in buying a particular house.

Buying a new home can be both fun and overwhelming. It’s necessary to take the time and properly assess the plumbing in any property to ensure that you’re alerted to any potential issues before making an offer. If you need help with a professional assessment, be sure to contact Flatirons Plumbing today!