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What Is That Awful Smell Coming From The Drain?

The wonders of modern plumbing make life simple for every household in the country. We have running water by just opening the faucet. And all of our waste is flushed away and out of our homes. But there can be a few issues that create some concern and a very nasty odor wafting out of your home’s drain pipes. And when that happens, it is a sign that you need to call in a licensed plumber to take care of the problem before it becomes even more serious and costly to repair.

How Can A Trap Be A Good Thing?

If you look under the sinks in your home, you will see an odd U shaped pipe. And even though it looks like a U, it is called a P-trap or water trap. And you might think that having a trap in the drain line right under your sink is counter-intuitive. After all, you want the water to flow down the drain and away from your sink as quickly as possible. But that is not the case. The water trap serves an essential service.

The water trap is designed to do exactly what the name implied. It traps a small amount of water. And that water is a barrier between your home and the nasty odors and gases that are lurking in every drain pipe. So if you come home after a nice long vacation and find that your bathroom smells a little funky, the simple solution could be running a little water down the drains to refill what has evaporated from the water trap.

What If It Still Reeks?

If replenishing the water in the trap does not do the trick, you have a more serious problem. Over time, all drain pipes get coated with a residue of grease, oil, dirt, and waste particles. It is just the nature of the job. But as this residue increases, it snags more organic matter that begins to decay. And that is when you can start to smell that nasty odor of something rotting.

Many people will tell you to try a home remedy of water, bleach, and even citrus to remove the odor. But the truth is that until you remove all the sticky residue, you are not going to remove the stench. And there is only one way to remove the residue. And that is a professional drain cleaning.

The Pros Secret Weapon

A professional drain cleaning uses a substantial piece of equipment that blasts a jet of pure water down the drains in your home. This super high-pressure water scrubs away all of the residue and even breaks up any clogs forming in your drains. And then it washes all of the mess and debris out of your home, through your sewer line, and away to the city sewer line.

And even better than having clean and odor-free drains, at Flatirons Plumbing, we offer a guarantee on all of our drain cleaning jobs. We know that our system works perfectly to clean your drain and remove any clogs. So we guarantee that you will not have any further drain issues. Schedule an annual professional drain cleaning and know that you will never face another clogged or stinky drain, ever again.

When your home has an awful odor rolling up from your drains, the solution is simple. Grab your phone and call (720) 650-2455 to schedule a professional drain cleaning. Our crew will arrive promptly, clean all of your drain lines and sewer line, and then provide you with our guarantee that you will have no further issues.