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What To Do When Sewage Floods Your Basement

There are few things worse than going down into your basement only to discover a nasty sewage backup. The flood comes from the floor drain and appears to be getting worse every time someone uses a sink or toilet in your home. Your first thought is to panic about the mess. Then it might even turn to disgust as you think about the contamination in the raw sewage that is invading your basement. But this moment is a time for action and net deep thought. A call to the pros at Flatirons Plumbing is the first step in getting the issue corrected so you can begin to clean up the mess.

The Common Causes Of Sewage Backup

The reason for a sewage backup in your home is due to one of just a few issues with your home’s sewer line or the city sewer main. If the city is to blame, you usually are in the middle of a torrential downpour that has exceeded the city sewer system’s capacity. And the only solution is to allow the rain to subside so that the sewer can catch up from the massive rainfall. But these occasions are very rare. It is more likely that the issue lies within your own sewer line.

Sewer line clogs occur for many reasons. Maybe someone flushed something that they should not have, or the residue inside the sewer pipe has increased to the point of restricting the water flow. But regardless of the reason for the clog, you need to have it removed quickly. And the only reliable way to do that is to call in a licensed plumber for a professional drain and sewer line cleaning.

The other common cause of a sewer line backup is physical damage to your home’s sewer line. The line could have been crushed over time by aggressive tree roots, or it could be cracking due to deterioration and old age. But once the wall of the pipe is compromised, your troubles will begin. Sewage will seep into your yard, and dirt will start to enter the pipe and create massive blockages. Again, the only guaranteed solution is a professional drain and sewer line cleaning. But in this case, you will also need to have the damaged pipe repaired or replaced.

What Is A Professional Drain And Sewer Line Cleaning?

A professional drain and sewer line cleaning requires an expensive piece of equipment that turns water into a massive cleaning jet. Only very high-pressure pure water blasts apart any clogs inside your drains and sewer lines. But that is not its only job. When used by a highly trained and skilled plumber, the water jet removes all of the sticky, nasty residue and buildup inside the pipes.

Removing the residue is the only way to guarantee no more clog issues in just weeks. Over the course of a year, the residue will reappear because of all the waste that flows through the lines. But the simple solution to future issues with drain and sewer clogs is an annual professional drain and sewer line cleaning.

After a professional cleaning, you will find that your drains are clearing more quickly, toilets flush faster and more thoroughly, and there is no foul odor coming from your drains. And the best part of the entire process is that we guarantee our drain cleanings at Flatirons Plumbing. If you have any other drain issues in the coming months, we come back free. Just call (720) 650-2455 to schedule your appointment and know that you will not be facing any more nasty sewage backups in your home.