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What Is That Awful Smell?

Sometimes you expect an odor in your bathroom. But when there is always a foul odor, you know there is a problem. So you do what any homeowner would do, scrub the toilet and hope that will rid you of the lingering stench. And when that doesn’t work, you resort to covering up the odor with sprays, candles, and air fresheners. But what you should be doing is trying to figure out what is causing your home’s bathroom to smell like the worst porta-potty in the state. There should not be any lingers odors from your commode. And if there are, you need to check out the common causes of this embarrassing problem.

The Vent Pipe

If you have no function issues with your toilet but still have that lingering smell, the most common culprit is the vent pipe. This pipe goes from your toilet up through the roof of your home to vent away sewer gases, so your home is not stinky. If you are dealing with these nasty gases, then there is likely a clog, blockage, or damage to your vent pipe. And all the sewer gas is coming into your bathroom. If you cannot inspect this pipe yourself, a call to your favorite plumber is the best way to get that vent pipe repaired and eliminate constant sewer gas odor.

Bolt Or Flange Issues

If your toilet rocks like a hobby horse, then it is very likely that you have either a broken flange or loose toilet bolts. First, take a look at the bolts that secure the toilet. One is on each side of the throne and could be under plastic covers. You should not be able to turn these bolts with your fingers. If they are loose, carefully tighten them. This should stop the wobbling of your toilet and the stench.

If the bolts are tight, then the issue is with the flange or wax ring that seals your toilet to the sewer line. As you investigate where the toilet meets the sewer pipe, look carefully for signs of leakage. You need to identify any moisture damage or mold growth before reinstalling the toilet. You might discover that the movement of the commode was actually due to rotting floorboards, not loose bolts. If this is the case, you need professional help to ensure that all the damage is repaired before the toilet is reinstalled.

No Toilet Seal

There should always be a smooth caulk seal from the toilet to the flooring. It is necessary to keep water and urine from running under the base of the toilet and promoting bacteria and mold growth. Both of these contaminants can result in rotting flooring and a very unsafe toilet. If the seal at your toilet is damaged or missing, it is recommended that you remove the toilet and disinfect the area thoroughly. Then reinstall the toilet and apply a generous caulk seal to the base of the commode. If you simply remove a damaged seal and replace it without cleaning under the toilet, you could have severe mold issues in the future.

A Damaged Toilet

There is always the possibility that there is a small crack in the porcelain toilet. And when that happens, dirty water is seeping onto the floor and causing the odor. In most cases, a replacement is the only solution to rid the room of that foul odor.

For assistance in locating and repairing any toilet issues, call (720) 650-2455. The licensed plumbers at Flatirons Plumbing will provide you with as many cost-effective solutions to your toilet odor issues as possible.